Antivirus software are computer programs that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software. The term "antivirus" is used because the earliest examples were designed exclusively to combat computer viruses; however most modern antivirus software is now designed to combat a wide range of threats, including worms, phishing attacks, rootkits, trojan horses and other malware. Antivirus software typically uses two different approaches to accomplish this:
* examining (scanning) files to look for known viruses matching definitions in a virus dictionary, and
* identifying suspicious behavior from any computer program which might indicate infection.

The second approach is called heuristic analysis. Such analysis may include data captures, port monitoring and other methods.
Most commercial antivirus software uses both of these approaches, with an emphasis on the virus dictionary approach.

CompactbyteAV (CAV) Version 0.94

This is an antivirus for local Indonesian viruses/worms. It is not meant to replace existing antivirus products. Most Indonesian viruses/worms spreads through USB disk at small Internet Cafes, and not through network/Internet, so if you live outside Indonesia it is a bit unlikely you will get these viruses/worms. Most of the local Indonesian virus are not detected by Commercial AV for weeks or event months. It seems that there are no incentive for the AV companies to prioritize these viruses, since Indonesia is known to be the one largest Intellectual Property Violators (in other words, there are very few Indonesian customers).

You should check your computer using the latest update of your antivirus software, before trying this program.

Download Latest CAV:
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Download Cav with additional DLL (unrar.dll):
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Download Cav Source code: cav-0.94.tar.bz2
Release date: 6 Maret 2007
MD5 for binary/exe:5e0a2d9405fe3b2ac13ab7ed1141063f
Number of viruses/worms: 172 (click here to view the virus list).

Please follow instructions properly:

  1. Close All Running Applications. CAV may close your application if the binary file is compressed or written using Visual Basic. Only few common applications that has their executable compressed, but most Indonesian viruses are compresses,or written in Visual Basic. Application that got suddenly killed by CAV may cause you to lose your work.
  2. If you have antivirus programs, try running those first with the latest updates. Most viruses are not recognized by CAV but recognized by other AV.
  3. If you intend to scan all kind of RAR files, download the version with UNRAR.DLL ( Without the DLL, CAV can only scan old RAR files (up to version 2.0).